Ball Kids

For each JV and varsity home game, we schedule four ball kids to assist in keeping the pace of play.

Many times, volunteers like to be ball kids with friends. When you take a spot on SignUpGenius, there is space for four slots per home game. If your child is bringing friends with them, just take the number of available slots needed with your own name. Please update these names with the volunteer names at least one week prior to your date, so the front gate has the right names for free admission. 

Ball kids:

~ Should be 10 or older

~ Are responsible for keeping pace of play– if a ball goes out of bounds, they give the player a new ball and chase the other one down

~ Get free admission to the game

~ Receive $5 as a “thank you”

~ Meet at concession stand 15 minutes before game time to get instructions and a penny to wear

There are still plenty of dates available to register as a ball kid. Volunteer now.